Many Benefits of Using Rainwater

The Many Benefits of Using Rainwater in Gardening and your Home...

It's a simple fact of life that all gardens need water. So, where do you get it?

Most people simply turn on the tap and water away. But there is an alternative - especially here in the northern rivers of NSW - rainwater.
Consider this: 2.5 cm of rain will yield 3.78 litres of water for every square foot. That means that 9.29 square metres can capture 189.27 Litres of water. That's a lot of water and sadly in our towns and cities, most of it will go down the sewer drains.
The most common way to capture rainwater here in the Northern Rivers of NSW is to use a rainwater tank.
Let's take a closer look at the different types of water and the benefits of using rainwater in your garden and home.

Four Types of Water:
1. Rainwater: Water that falls from the sky during a rainstorm. can also be stored in a rainwater tank.
2. Grey Water: Water that has already been used for domestic uses, such as washing clothes and dishes or from taking showers and baths.
3. Hard Water: Water that has high mineral contents, especially calcium and magnesium, and is hard to lather soap in.
4. Soft Water: Is the opposite of hard water. It has low levels of calcium and magnesium and is very easy to lather soap in.


Four Benefits of Rainwater:
1. Rainwater helps you save money on your water bill. It may not seem like you are using a lot of water but it is easy to lose track or to really know how much water you are using when it comes out of a hose. Keep track of your water bills for a summer, then next summer switch over to rainwater and see how much your water bill is lowered.
2. Rainwater is much better for your plants. Because rainwater is naturally filtered means that it doesn't contain minerals or harsh chemicals, both of which plants and vegetables are sensitive to. Plus you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are using nature's best to grow and nurture your garden.
3. Rainwater has no restrictions. Most areas of Australia these days have watering restrictions that limit when and how often you can water your garden. But there are no restrictions on collecting rainwater and when you are allowed to use it.
4. Rainwater helps to save local government costs and resources.
By using rainwater, less demand is placed on treated water. Less demand means that less energy is needed to treat both incoming water and outgoing (sewage) water. As well, less demand means that there will be less operating and maintenance costs of water treatment plants.

Saving money from your own pocket is another a great advantage of having a rainwater tank. Contact us about the current rebates available that include installation and materials.