Vented Stainless Steel Flap Screen 90mm

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Hi Flow Mozzie Stoppa Flap Valves 90mm


Rain Harvesting's Mozzie Stoppa Flap Valves are mosquito and vermin proof because the 90mm and 100mm valves include a 0.955mm stainless steel screen that is moulded into a valve that can open and shut automatically to allow water to pass unobstructed. They fit directly to pipes leading to the tank and to tank overflow outlets.

The best kind of Flap Valves have a double seal, are self cleaning, and have flaps that cannot be over-rotated and left open. Vented Flap Valves allow a flow of air over the surface of the water which improves water quality and prevents a vacuum forming when large quantities of water are quickly drawn from the tank.

It is recommended that they be fitted with silicone and not glued. 

Rain Harvesting’s Flap Valves allow a rapid flow of water  through a double sealed, self cleaning valve that cannot be over-rotated and left open  

The Insect Proof Flap Valves complies with Australian Standards:

Download a Product Specifications Sheet for more information 

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    Posted by mattymays on 22nd Dec 2011

    hi all the best to you all, great products - matt